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About US

Working for you
DFW Electronics Recycling is a electronics recycling company committed to helping the community better engage in protecting the environment.  We strive to help your company streamline its upgrade process and help protect sensitive data. 
When doing pick ups we aim to provide the utmost efficiency. When we enter a business, its fast, efficient and safe. equipment is broken down into plastic containers and gaylords for transport. Hard drives and media are separated from other equipment. Our motto is in and out.
We know your data is important to you. We have the highest standards in data destruction and HIPAA compliance. We take every step necessary to protect you and ourselfs. In the information age, data is everything. As an electronics recycler we consider our selfs a front line defense against identity theft and credit card fraud.
Our History
DFW Electronics Recycling along with our sister company Project 110 boast over 15 years of technical & professional experience. Excelling in efficient asset liquidation & reclaim services.
Recycling or Liquidation
Regardless wether it's simple asset disposal or a warehouse liquidation. DFW Electronics Recycling is available for liquidation or recycling. Committed to the needs of the customer while also adhering to the industries continuous amendments with regards to the environment and data security.
Why Us?
DFW Electronics Recycling is always striving to ensure the proper preservation of industry standards and recycling practices. We are fully pledged to the customer, the environment and the assured promise that all data assets will be handled justly.
Environmental Practices
DFW Electronics Recycling and Project 110 always strive for successive and diligent adherence to all environmental safety regulations and procedures. Our goal is to have as much of a positive impact on the world around us as possible. Through the responsible processing of metals, plastics and other renewable resources. Utilizing our company ensures that all recycled materials are disposed of and processed correctly instead of ending up in a landfill or in your neighbors backyard.